Buy Refurbished iPhone: Top 7 Pros & Cons


Buying a refurbished iPhone is often a confusing option. If you are looking for an iPhone and are not sure if you can trust refurbished iPhones, your confusion is not uncommon. Cheap phones that are refurbished do come with their advantages and disadvantages, and the buying decision is one you should make rather carefully. Here are the top 7 pros and cons of refurbished iPhones.

Pros and Cons of Refurbished iPhones

  • PRO: Save Money!

    This one is rather obvious, but also the most important. If you are turning to cheap phones in the used and refurbished market, chances are that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new phone. And given the steep prices of iPhones, this is understandable. If you buy cheap iPhone 6 that is refurbished, you will be spending nearly half the money than the phone’s actual price!

  • CON: Small Defects

    Refurbished iPhones are tested and fixed, but the fact is that these cheap iPhones have been used, and chances are that there are small defects or dysfunctional features. If not, these may pop up soon after the purchase, though they shouldn’t hamper overall usage.

  • PRO: Warranty

    Even with refurbished iPhones, the good news is that the best sellers will offer you a warranty. This way, if you buy a cheap iPhone 6, you don’t have to worry about being scammed.

  • CON: Short Warranty

    On the downside, this warranty will not be like that of a brand new phone, and will likely be up to 90 days. However with refurbished iPhones, we believe this is a fair deal!

  • PRO: Own Your Favourite Phone!

    Often, it becomes impossible to own your favorite iPhone because just when you can afford it, Apple decides to discontinue it. In this case, refurbished iPhones are your best bet, since you can use your favorite model in the best condition possible.

  • CON: Compromised Durability

    While this is rather understood, you should still be prepared for the fact that refurbished iPhones might not last you as long as new phones. However, depending on their condition and your usage, these cheap phones might be your companions for longer than you might initially expect.

  • PRO: Environment-Friendly

    lastly, if you are the kind of a person who wants to save on wastage and help buy recycled material, refurbished iPhones are the way to go. The refurbishing industry keeps old phones from going to waste by testing and fixing them. By buying refurbished iPhones, you can play your part in helping an environment-friendly industry!


Refurbished iPhones make for a good user experience, provided that you buy them from the right place like Alpha Smartphones. These cheap phones are not only easy on your pocket but are also great to use, so find your favorite refurbished iPhones today and get the nearest experience to a brand new mobile phone!


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