Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Refurb Galaxy S6 edge – Read a Review

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Power & internal Storage

After having taken a guise at both refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 and Refurb Galaxy S6 Edge phones, we rapidly came to understand that spec-wise they’re very alike devices. Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge pack in top-notch hardware with much power, containing octa-core processing, 3GB of RAM, the Android 5.0 functioning system, a 16MP camera and an imposing 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen.

The two Samsung leaders have likewise swapped a detachable battery and micro SD development slot for built-in forms, accessible with 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal memory. Also, both Samsung Galaxy phones will float through functions like a red-hot knife through butter, so then what are the variances?


The one apparent main difference, as you can tell by the name, is the bold dual-edge design of the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The Galaxy S6 is a decent looking phone but the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge appears to be creating an entire new generation of inventive mobile phone design.

The bent edges give the Galaxy S6 edge an innovative and, more prominently, very cool appearance and feel. From the moment you buy Galaxy S6 edge you can tell it’s a diverse kind of phone you’re holding.


Functionally, both the refurbish Galaxy S6 and used Samsung Galaxy S6 edge will waft through navigation and apps with no difficult, but the refurb Galaxy S6 edge has a few straight little tricks up its cover.

Initially, the curved edge is utilized for a 5-button feature, which you can brand by allocating up to 5 of your top contacts. This means that, at whichever time, you’re just a right swipe away from those contacts. Very handy certainly.

Main Feature

Another overwhelming feature of the Galaxy S6 edge is the aptitude to associate colors to your top 5 contacts so that when they call you the edges of the phone will spark with the applicable color. This method you’ll distinguish who’s trying to get hold of you, straight with your phone lying screen down.

Battery & Weight

The other variances, if we’re getting fussy, include a slightly bigger battery on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (2,600 mAh vs the S6’s 2,550mAh), the Galaxy S6 edge is likewise a little lighter than the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 (132g vs 138g) but it’s also a little heavier (7mm vs 6.8mm).

All things measured, they’re very parallel phones, but we can’t reject that the aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge have us a little enthralled. Those curved edges are just so new and attractive.

Price Tag

The one thing that will most probable affect your choice is the cost of the phones. Samsung are yet to settle the prices of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, but we visualize that the refurbish S6 edge will be more exclusive. But how much more we don’t yet see, and this might well help you choose if that funky, innovative edge design is worth it for you.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Deals at Alpha Smartphones

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The refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 and its star companion, the Galaxy S6 Edge are offered at Alpha Smartphones online across the UK, where you can find cheap Samsung Galaxy S6 deals.

Samsung Galaxy S6

You’ve perhaps noticed that we tend to emphasis on iPhone reviews and products, so it has been a knowledge experience this week to be trialing out the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6.

The main thing we precious about this phone is the camera quality. We’ve taken some images for a review post using this Samsung Galaxy phone, and we are capable to get some detailed close ups of the item that were pretty decent.

The phone will robotically backup to your selected location – we set it up so whichever photos and screenshots saved would be habitually sent to Dropbox when on a wifi connection. This made it super relaxed to edit the photos on a laptop – though the phone does have sensibly good editing built into the gallery app.

It is calm to customize the phone to your own necessities – with dissimilar screens to flick between and being capable to install widgets and shortcuts to favorite apps on there. You can likewise install new themes, which is a nice touch equated to the refurbished iPhones.

The keyboards is very fast and approachable to use, and has somewhat called haptic feedback built in. This means that as you’re keying, the phone shakes slightly to tell you that you’ve typed on it properly which can help you type calmer on a virtual keyboard.

One more thing that was astonishingly useful was the settings dashboard. It was relaxed to figure out what setting would be originate where, and things like the data usage info is actually useful, particularly if you’re not on an “all you can eat” data plan, like the one that Three providing us with.

If you’re watching for a new Galaxy Smartphone, you should absolutely check out the Samsung Galaxy S6 – the camera and diversity of apps makes this the best phone for every one!


Whether you go for buy Samsung Galaxy S6 or refurbished Galaxy S6 edge will be a question of individual taste, but rest guaranteed that either way you’ll be buying a powerful first-class Samsung smartphone.

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