17 Refurbished iPhone 6 Secrets You Should Not Miss Out

Cheap iPhone 6 for sale

Are you looking for ways to best use your refurbished iPhone 6 handset, then you should check out these 23 iPhone 6 secrets! They will further enhance your overall smartphone experience.

If you can’t upgrade your phone to the shiny new Apple iPhone 7, there is still plenty that you can do it with your cheap iPhone 6.

The phone can help you settle pub debates for your, find your way home and much more. Your phone is going to be a vessel into the world of internet messaging madness and joy.

There are several refurbished iPhones features that are hidden beneath the surface. We are sure that you might not even aware of most of these. These hacks are said to be the best and they will ensure that you can use the world’s best smartphones UK to its fullest potential.

Apple iPhone 6 is an amazing phone, it comes with a 4.7-inch screen having impressive screen resolution. The phone has a 1.2-megapixel camera and 5-megapixel rear camera. You will love taking pictures with these cameras, as they are meant for people who love taking pictures.


Charge Refurbished iPhone Faster with Single Button Press:

You are running short on time as well as on power, you are in for a treat. Cheap iPhone 6 does offer fast charging, but you can further increase the charging speed by pressing a single button. All you have to do is engage the flight Safe Mode.

Turning off the phone’s communication skills that drain the battery, along with the phone’s Wi-Fi searching ability will take the strain off the battery and your phone will charge quickly. Although it is not going to do wonders, that extra 4% is worth it when you are low on time and power.


Save Seconds off your Searches:

When it comes to proving a point, or finding out the footy score over the internet, precision, and speed is all that matter. Something that you might miss out when you are forced to knock out type-heavy web addresses.

So, you can save time, with the help of short-cut series of URL suffixes. You can choose from the classics .com or even the less used .ie, .edu.  You can choose the quick shortcuts for all.


Discover What your Cheap iPhone 6 Knows About You:

Your Cheap iPhone 6 is a private detector, it is always gathering information about you. Like the apps that you use the most, the amount of data you are using or even where you are at the moment. This seems pretty creepy!

You can find all this information by going to Settings, from there to Privacy, then on Location Services. Under Location Services, look for System Services and tap on it. Lastly, tap on Frequent Locations. Here you will not only be able to see where all you were but also how long you stayed in that particular place.

refurbished iPhone 6

Replicate a Toolbox Essential:

We are sure that you might have filed away compass app along with app other pre-installed apps in a folder that is titled as “Things I wish I could delete”. It is the time that you pull the compass app back from it, you can use it as a toolbox.

By this, we do not mean that you can use it as a hammer. On the contrary, swipe left in the Compass app and this will bring up a digital bubble gauge. It is a very useful thing. You can use it to check if that shelf is really leveled or not.


Lock Refurbished iPhone 6’s Focal Point:

We understand the importance of focus while taking a photo. In order to set the focus of the photo, you have to tap on the screen. Pretty Annoying though! Every time you move the camera, you need to set the focus point again.

But not anymore, if you tap and hold on the camera screen for about 2-3 seconds, an AF Locked box will pop up. Now you can turn and twist your camera’s position as much as you want, you will not lose focus.


Custom Vibrations:

Did you ever wish that you could tell who is calling with the buzz of your phone? It seems Apple has made your wish come true, you can customize the buzz of your phone. By buzz we do not mean ringtones, we mean vibrations. Go to contacts, from there choose the person of your choice. Once done, hit on the Edit option, look for the vibrations options.

There you will see multiple vibrations options. You can choose one from the list in front of you, or you can always create a new vibration using the Create New Vibration tool. Making it possible for you to make customized vibrations.


Correct Pronunciation of Siri:

You take a name and Siri pronounces it wrong, is some that we have to cheap iPhone deals with. This tends to get pretty annoying as most of the time it would do something else. But the new update of iOS has made things easier.

Now you can teach Siri on how to pronounce the word in the correct manner. You tell Siri, that’s not how you pronounce… (the word, name). Siri will then bring forward different pronunciation and will ask you to choose the correct one. Select the right one, from then onwards Siri will use that pronunciation.


Close Three Apps at Once:

The multi-finger gesture is more deeply incorporated into the phone, then we know of. We have been using it for web pages and picture until now, but it lets you throw an additional digit when it comes to clearing your iPhone 6 for sale.

All you have to do is drag three fingers up on the multitasking menu to close three apps at once. This will increase your speed of closing the apps.

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Set Music on Timer:

Love listening to soft and sweet music while you drift off to sleep. Then you must be familiar with getting up late in the night due to some unwanted tunes. But now, you can set the music on a timer. How efficient and neat, you put a slow song while you are sleeping and after some time the music is gone.

Head to the clock app, then look for the Timer options and slide along it. Go to the When Time Ends tag, and then switch out the Stop Playing tag from alarm options. This will turn off music may it be through Spotify or Apple Music.


Improve Signals for iPhone 6 for Sale:

No longer do you have to stand in order corner of on the window of your first floor to discover your iPhone 6 for sale signals. Now all you have to do is type =3001#12345# on your iPhone 6’s dialer and enjoy the hidden field mode tool. This chart will tell you about the internet quality.


Use Phone to Erase:

This reminds me of my childhood when we use to have Etch a sketch. Now the facility is also available on refurbished iPhone 6 activities. You can erase them by just giving a good shake to the phone. Isn’t this cool, all you have to do is shake your phone and the things will be gone.

But you don’t have to worry a pop-up message will confirm whether you want to delete the files are not. Then and only then will it delete the files.


See The Time you Have Been Waiting for The Reply:

When talking to a loved one, every second seems special. When you send a message to someone special you can’t wait to get their reply back. Every passing second seems like ages, but you have to hold your horses before you bomb them with other messages. Before you send a new one in, check the time of the last sent message.

You can do that by opening the chat window and swiping it from the right-hand side to see the precise delivery time of every message that you have received or sent. So, do check the amount of time that has gone before you send another text.


Share your Family Tree with Siri:

Siri is an amazing AI assistant. Now you can teach Siri your family tree. For instance, you are not easy with the idea of calling your parents by their name, you can always tell Siri regarding your relationship with them. Then, all you will have to do is tell Siri to call your father. This will be a great help because only then will you be able to enjoy fuss-free calling.

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Retreat on Refurbished iPhone 6:

For people who have shifted from Android to iOS, we understand that living without a dedicated back button isn’t an easy thing to adjust with. Although iPhone 6 deals does not have a button or a command to reverse things, there is another way to go about it.

Within some apps, for instance, Safari and Mail, you can go back by swiping from left to right on the screen. Who cares about a dedicated button, when they can get all that with smart solutions. Be sure to try this out, it will be a great help especially if you were an Android user in the past.


Create Custom Replies for Missed Calls:

The concept of sending a text message to missed calls is something old, then what has Apple done differently this time. Why are we mentioning it in our secrets lists, it because you can now customize the reply you send to people whose call u missed.

To do, open the Settings app on your computer, then tap on Text to create your own message. Here write whatever you want to and you are good to go.


 Take Photos While you are Making a Video:

Often, we come across a situation where we are shooting a video, but during the video comes a point when we would love to take pictures. There is good news for iPhone 6 users, you can now do this with your phone. Isn’t it great, i.e. taking pictures while you are making a video?

The entire process is pretty simple and effective, all you will have to do is press the shutter button which appears next to the video button. The photo that you are trying to capture is taken by the videos camera sensor.

Although it might not be as great as a regular picture, at least you have the option. We are pretty sure that something is better than nothing. At least it comes in the hour of need.


Ignore Poor Wi-Fi Connections:

Using Wi-Fi connection is better than using your own 4G connection because no one would like to realize that their data connection has come to an end by the middle of the month. However, sometimes there is no good Wi-Fi connection near you or they are very patchy and slow.

What are you to do then? Enable the Wi-Fi assistant feature. It means that whenever you encounter a poor Wi-Fi connection your 4G internet will assist the Wi-Fi connection. The feature was introduced in iOS 9 and above. So, if you are using iOS 9 or above, you should enable this feature.

Used iPhone 6 for sale


We hope that the secrets mentioned above will further enhance your cheap iPhone 6 experience. Secrets like the Wi-Fi assistant, making video and photos at the same time, retreat and much more. Every secret is to ensure that you are able to enjoy your phone to its full potential.

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