The Most Powerful & Affordable Smartphone Ever Made – Samsung S8 Review

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung launched one of its prominent products in 2017. The Samsung S8 has a beautiful slim and beautiful design, equipped with top of the line camera, has the best processing abilities with numerous additional features. However, like every other smartphone, the S8 has some pros and cons which might affect the buyers’ decision.


The Impeccable Design:

Every year, Samsung takes lead to launch one of their ‘edge’ products to satisfy the customers’ desire, but this year there would be no S8 Edge as the Samsung Galaxy S8 has curved edges, making this beast more attractive. The S8 comes with Super AMOLDED Display, as you would expect from Samsung.

It allows you to see the impressive colors which are lively and visible in every condition. The Samsung S8 features a fantastic display of an 18:5:9 aspect ratios and since the front of the phone is entirely of glass, Samsung clearly makes sure that their new product is worth every penny.

The Samsung S8 is one of the phones which feel great in your hand. It’s charming, graceful and slim. However, fitted with an almost 6 inch screen, it sometimes makes it difficult to unlock your phone using the back fingerprint sensor.

The S8 has a 3.5m headphone jack unlike other smartphone giants, allowing the users to experience the quality sound and interaction with other people.



One of the major drawbacks of S8 is its camera. Samsung used the same specifications of S7, this year also. However, chipsets improvement did improve the image quality, noise handling and enhancement of color reproduction.

The S8 camera is equipped with triple-frame capture allows you to capture best pictures even in low light. Comparing with IPhone 7 and Google Pixel, the results aren’t that much promising but you surely won’t be disappointed by the outcomes.


Additional Features:

Samsung has equipped this beast with tones of additional features like fingerprint, smart lock, iris scanner, facial recognition and many promising features. Although, Samsung did introduced the fingerprint sensor in its previous model and has relocated on the back of the phone, which in my opinion is a serious drawback as one could possibly smear the lens with the finger.

The facial recognition is one of the auspicious features of S8 as it makes it hard for the users to choose between IPhone and Samsung.

Samsung do have a bad history of making durable batteries for their smartphone and maybe it explains why S8 battery performance has to be considered before buying it. Although, it does come with a powerful 3000 mAh battery and if we compare it with previous models, playing a video continuously.

It lasted about 17 hours while the S7 lasted for about 18 hours, which is still quite impressive. The Samsung also offers fast charging feature, charging the phone from 0% to 37% in about 30 minutes.


The Exons Processor:

It’s pretty obvious that the Samsung would build the best chipset features and internal components for its smartphones. The S8 is equipped with a powerful Exynos 8895 Octa core processor, making this phone one of the best processing machine in the world.

In addition to that, the 4GB RAM and 64GB built-in memory allows you to experience the most powerful phone with incomparable features in the palm of your hand. The phone also offers 4G/LTE connectivity so the users enjoy the best browsing experience, sustained by the powerful Exons 8895 processor.



In reviewing the pros and cons of this phone, one has to decide that is this phone really worth? Considering the processing ability, in a recent multi-core test, it clearly outlasts LG G6 and iPhone 7. It is indeed the slimmest and most powerful smartphone, well that depends on your choice.

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