iPhone 6S Changing Every Things – Find Cheap iPhone Deals in UK

iPhone 6s

Engineers of Apple introduce with brand new iPhone 6S. Let`s have a look of brand new iPhone 6S.


Visual Identity:

Apple always has an excellent visual identity but in iPhone, 6S apple takes its looks to a new level via changing its colour to amazing Rose Gold colour. Along with upgraded predecessor, 7000 series of aluminum alloy is used in its patio which is used in aerospace industry. Its new stylish looks are capable enough to capture attentions of all of its fans.



As far as display is concerned, it is obvious that it has 4.7-inches display producing resolution of

750 x 1334 pixels. Having a density of 326 ppi. Here is newly introduced feature “3D Touch”.

The main feature of 3D touch is “peek and pop”. You don`t need to rest you touch on the screen your light touch will pop your required action. You can perform an action and enjoy content by not actually touching the screen.



iPhone 6S is coming with new A9 CPU along with M9 motion-co-processor. It has iOS 9 which has an amazing working which gives great fingertips power to its user.



12-megapixel camera with the capability of “live photos”. It has an ability to record 4k videos. Live photos is a feature being hybrid of short videos and still images. By enabling this feature you can make a video before and after you click the image. The front camera also possesses 12 megapixels along with an amazing feature “Retina Flash”. It lights up your face with activation of the screen.

Apple has an amazing processor so that we had any issue or face any difficulty in using it. New marvelous features are worthy for a new generation. Apple is already an absolute device and updated version of it is quite brilliant.


Best Deals of Apple iPhone 6S:

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The sleek and stylish iPhone 6 16GB comes with great RAM of 2GB and the elegant camera quality of 12MP which makes it a wonderful experience for the user to capture the moments of joy, amusement, and pleasure.

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Keep your hands on the most splendid Apple phone which is Apple iPhone 6S 64GB. The rose gold is the most impressive colour ever which is rarely found in smartphones. This desirable iPhone is available with the stunning 30-day return policy.

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Alpha Smartphones presents the extraordinary and outstanding Apple iPhone 6S 64GB Gold for its lovely customers with the rapid free delivery in the UK, the most facilitating 30-day product return policy and brilliant warranty.

The high storage lovers would find this smartphone to be the right choice as it let you download a number of apps on your phone while the performance would not be reduced even a bit. All this is because of the excellent technology and processor used in it.

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Top 6 Features and Settings You Didn’t Know about Apple iPhone 6

Get One of the Best iPhone Products Now and Explore Hidden Features Now

iPhone 6


You love iPhone and want to get it but can’t afford a brand new iPhone. Want the latest iPhone but can’t pay for that? With the release of iPhone 7, the price iPhone 6 has been reduced. Still, it is not in your budget. Don’t worry. Buy a refurbished iPhone 6 and get your hands on your favorite iPhone. iPhone 6 has many great features that you may not know. Here are some amazing features of iPhone 6.


 Some Apps Are Consuming Your Battery a Little Extra?

Does it seem your battery is dead all the time? In Apple iPhone 6 you can check that how much battery your favourite app is consuming. Go to your settings, open General, and tap on usage and select battery usage. And here you can check that how much battery which app is draining. And stop using that app which consumes more battery until your phone is fully charged.


Not Good in Giving Directions? Share Your Location!

You’re bad in direction and want to tell your family and friends that where are you. you can do this by using iPhone`s “Share My Location” service and let your friends know where are you through text. To use this feature, Go to settings>Details>Share my location. You can share your location according to your will. You can share it for an hour. For a day or indefinitely.


Grayscale Mode:

Sometimes at night, looking at your phone make your eyes stretch. Switch your setting to grayscale and make it easier for your eyes. To switch grayscale Go to setting tap General>Accessibility>Grayscale. This will dim your screen and also save your battery.


Leave Unwanted Chats:

Are you tired of your group chats updates? And you don’t want to hear buzzer of your phone continuously. You can easily leave boring group chats. You can easily leave a group chat click on details and then select “Leave the conversation”. You`ll get rid of unwanted notifications and updates. Apple iPhone 6 gives you easy single swap options to get rid of unwanted chats that annoy you most often.


Mute Texts:

You’re busy and working. You’re on an important project. Don’t want any disturbance. You can mute your notifications temporarily. You can mute your notification by swipe your screen, here is an option “Do Not Disturb”. Click the moon symbol and get rid of notifications temporarily. This will not disturb you by stopping notifications when someone texts you.


Slo-Mo Video Mode:

You want to record or film cool slow motion videos. You can do it very easily with your iPhone 6. There will be a slo-mo feature in camera settings. Select it and record your film. You also have editing option and you can edit your film. It will give your films a cool impact. You can also edit your recorded videos by hitting slo-mo part.

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