How to Use iPhone Siri to Translate Languages?


There are many advantages to use iPhone Siri application in your social life. If you want to translate a word then Siri is the best option for you. You just ask this amazing application to translate any word; it will show the answer in seconds that is what refurbished Apples iPhone takes advantage in its technology superiority.

After this it will translate this word in a loud voice. This is a best translator for anybody working a teacher, professional lawyer, belongs to a medical field, or belong to any business category, this will assists you when other translators are silent. It can translate the words in different languages. If you are going to a foreign tour then you must have Apple iPhone to use Siri.


Supported Languages by Siri:

Siri can translate from English to different languages which are below.

  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

In future, Apple will add many languages to the Siri. Currently, Siri cannot translate enough languages due to the encoding provided by the company. It could be added but as we know Apple doesn’t compromise on quality and still working on more languages to add to give flawless results.

There is one important point that you must know, IOS 11 is essential for Siri translator. An older iOS edition cannot support the Siri translator.


How Siri Translate any Language?

There are some instructions that are related to Siri translator. Hold down the Home button and ask something to Siri. It will translate the word that you have given. She remembers your last words that are why Siri translates the words into Different Languages very easy.


If you are using MacOS and iOS devices that are very good for Siri; so our last tip for any professional, you can ask Siri to translate the phrase into different languages.  It will translate any phrase of above mentioned language very easily moreover it responds very quickly.


Using iPhone Siri Translator without Talking:

If you want to use Siri translator without talking then there is the best technique for you. If you want to enable this iPhone amazing application; click Settings → General → Accessibility → Siri.

Sometimes you are busy in other activities like at a store and bank then this method will help you wherever you are, whatever you are doing. You only need to have an Apple iPhone 7 with the latest iOS. It will show the translation on your screen but it would not read it in a loud voice until you click the play button.

If you have an Air pods, Ear pods or other headphones you can hear the translate words, phrases and right pronunciation without facing any problem as we have with the other translators in the market.


Bottom Line:

Siri translation is very important for every one and it is imperative feature for your personal pocket dictionary. There are many situations where we can use this for example; you are at French restaurant and you do not know the restaurant vocabulary then Siri is the best option for you.

One day you are planning to go to the nearest beer shop just ask to Siri to translate this query into German. If you are a teacher then Siri is very helpful for foreign languages, especially the right pronunciation of a phrase and a word.


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