iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 6 Processor – Read a Review


A Brief Overview of Latest iPhone Models Performance:

With the launch of new and shiny Apple iPhone 7 it seems like an obvious option to upgrade your phone. But before blindly getting into up gradation it is better to know about the new model. The most important thing to consider in a phone is its processor because the performance of your device based on this component. Due to this fact, this article is focused on the comparison between the processor of iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.


The Function of a Processor within a Smartphone:

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of processors possessed by both the models of iPhone, it is necessary to know its functions. A processor is considered as the brain of the smartphone. All the processes taking place in a smartphone are performed by the processor.

The performance of a processor is based on its ability of how many numbers of instructions it can execute in a unit amount of time. This is measured in terms of gigahertz (GHz). Therefore, if a phone has a processor with a higher number of GHz then it has a better processor compared to the phone which has a processor with a lower number of GHz.


Extra Cores Mean Better Performance:

Another component to keep in mind is core and the number of cores present in a mobile phone, because if there are more cores in a phone then it has a better performance when it comes to the multitasking.

A core is a part of the main processor and it is responsible for reading and the executing the instructions. In the beginning, there is only one core used in the devices, but today with the advent of the technology two cores are used in a smartphone. Soon there will be smartphones with four cores.


Comparison of Processors:

Now the groundwork has been laid, let’s talk about the processors of iPhone 7 and iPhone 6. iPhone 6 has A8 Dual Core CPU, Quad Core GPU, 1GB RAM and iPhone 7 has A10 Fusion Quad-Core CPU, Six Core GPU, 2GB RAM.

These facts speak for themselves; in the current market of smartphones iPhone 7 is the fastest model available. This is the highest benchmark set by this phone. It uses the fastest A10 chip with quad-core CPU which is able to provide processing speed forty percent faster than the A9 chip which was used in the models before iPhone 7.

Also with the addition of new controller, iPhone 7 is better at managing workloads which as a result enhances the efficiency of the device. This is not all, the new six-core GPU used in iPhone 7 has the ability to provide fifty percent better performance.

On the other hand, iPhone 6 has two models old A8 chip with dual-core CPU along with quad core GPU. No doubt Apple iPhone 6 is still capable of performing better than lots of smartphones but things have moved on quite a bit in the smartphone world and it is advisable to keep your device updated.



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