Buying a Certified Refurbished iPhone 5 can be your Best Investment


Releasing Apple iPhone 6 and 7 made everyone to buy the latest smartphone by Apple, but don’t rush towards a costly phone when you can have the best Apple smartphone within the best price.

Try refurbished iPhone 5 that is being considered a great alternative of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 in the terms of price and performance. Though iPhone latest smartphones have the best features any mobile company has offered yet but for many customers the price is not attractive as compared to the phone attraction.

iPhone 5 offers you the best value of your money. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy Apple iPhone 5. Some of the unique features of iPhone:

  • Better display
  • Stunning audio
  • Faster Wi-Fi
  • Faster A6 processor
  • Better camera
  • Thinner and lighter


Buying a Used or Factory Refurbished iPhone 5:

Buying a used or a refurbished iPhone offers you not only great features but also very cost effective. You can search the leading stores in the UK offering certified refurbished iPhone.

Such online stores offer refurbished handsets at a great price and for the customer’s satisfaction they also offer warranty of 0ne year. So I personally suggest people to buy a refurbished iPhone rather buying a latest Apple iPhone.


A Smartphone with Greater Price Try Refurbished iPhone 5:

iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 are in the market, one can easily afford iPhone 5s and 5c. If you want to try even lower price, go for a certified refurbished iPhone 5 s/5c as top smartphone selling stores in the UK are offering best refurbished iPhone at the best price. Getting a new iPhone 5 is an attractive alternative and a wise decision instead of spending extra money on the latest smartphones.


Small Size- easy Grip:

Screen size of iPhone 5 is one of its best features. It is a very handy smartphone for everyone either you are professional, sports person, or a game lover. Small screen gives you favor in many ways such as long lasting battery timing. Smaller screen means low consumption of energy that ultimately provides you an extra battery timing to sustain your activities for a long time during travelling.


iOS Compatibility:

In the beginning it was considered that iPhone 4s will perform better upgrading iOS 8 but most of the time it remained an annoyed situation. Now one doesn’t require iPhone 6 to use this operating system while iPhone 5 runs flawless using iOS 8. You can enjoy all the latest features and best performance that you can expect any latest model.


Attractive Design:

In spite of its weight, iPhone 5 presents the most attractive exterior than its new counterpart. Its casing is a little thicker with an increased resistance to sudden falls and damages.

The smaller size of iPhone 5 also prevents screen damage issues that we saw in iPhone 6 screen bending problem. Camera lenses are also flat that would not cause any repairing issue if your phone falls suddenly.


Faster Processor:

iPhone 5s comes with A^processor that is double faster than iPhone 4s. Though it is not an alternative of iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 in the terms of speed but for a digital consistency and speed, it still beats many modern smartphones.

Smartphone industry is consistently introduces new and unique models to compete its rivalries. But customers always prefer to buy a phone that not only meets its requirement but also should offer a great price. Latest iPhone models are a little costly, while buy a refurbished iPhone can give you the both benefits.


iPhone 7-Read Complete Product Review


Apple introduced their latest flagship Apple iPhone 7 back in September 2016. The phone is a unusually device, it come packed with aggressive breaks from the convention while being wrapped in a body that is familiar to its previous two predecessors. The future of mobile technology is depicted with iPhone 7 and the future of the new ear of mobile photography is represented by iPhone 7 dual camera.

To make everything touch, and get rid of the orthodox buttons, iPhone 7 does not have the typical physical home button, and instead it comes with a sophisticated haptic vibration motors and batter of pressure sensors that simulate the feel of the button.

The phone comes with A10 Fusion processor, much larger battery to extend the run time and outstanding color options. To beat its major competitor in every possible way, Apple did introduce the water resistance feature in iPhone 7, this further ads to the phone.

The phone has been in the market for quite some time, and yet it seems that it is highly in demand. For people who have finally decided to make the wise decision and shift from Android to iOS, would like to have a detailed review on iPhone 7. We are more than happy to oblige them, in this article we will provide you with the complete product review of the phone.



The phone is pretty much same as iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, however, iPhone 7 has been made water resistant, which is a plus. Although, it is not completely waterproof, you leave the phone in one meter of water for about 30 minutes and we doubt that things will go your way.

Samsung Galaxy S7 are way more water resistant that iPhone 7, but now at least you can get your phone wet without catastrophe and we believe this to be a great improvement. In case you plan to go snorkeling we suggest that you get a cover for you iPhone 7.

Before we dig deeper, we should address the elephant in the room, the headphone jack is gone. Although, many of us did expect that iPhone 7 would have a completely different design, but in terms of design the only difference was missing headphone jack.

The rest was almost the same, if you have a cover on your iPhone 6, no one can tell whether it is iPhone 7 or iPhone 6. Despite being third year with the same design, iPhone 7 is still said to be an outstanding phone because of its aluminum anybody that comes with curved edges.

These 2.5D glass curved edges aids the phone to sit well in your hand as compared to other phones. Besides this, it will provide a nice experience when swiped from the side of the display.  The TrueTone flash and the rear facing camera of iPhone 7 is bigger, the antenna lines are also gone from behind, they have been shifted to the bottom and top to make the lens noticeable.


Home Button, Speakers and Display:

The physical button that was part of every iPhone is gone, in its place we have a completely solid track pad type thing. Although, many users have complained this technology might have worked well with MacBook but with iPhone it seems that the entire lower part of the phone is being clicked.

There has been some improvement to the display, it is nothing something as extra-ordinary as 4K OLED display that we can see on some Android phones, but it still is sharp, bright and beautiful. It has the ability to show wider range of colors, you might not be able to see it in most apps, but you see the difference via the pictures taken by iPhone 7’s camera.

Besides the new home button, revised camera and screen, the phone comes with an addition of stereo speakers. One speaker is integrated into the earpiece and the other is located at the bottom of the phone. The speakers are much better, louder and clear than before.


Headphone and Headphone Jack:

Yes, the headphone jack is no longer incorporated in iPhone 7. The reason Apple took it out was to make space for better cameras, bigger battery and it is easy to make a phone water resistant with just one big hole. Although Apple claims that removing the headphone jack made very little difference in terms of water resistant feature of the phone.

With iPhone 7, you will get a pair of Ear Pods headphones along with their lightning connector in the box. A lightning 3.5 dongle will also be present so that you can use the traditional headphones.

If you regularly plug your phone into the car, we suggest you keep the adapter some place safe. As the dongle might not be too small to get obtrusive, but it is small enough to get lost easily.

Somehow you do manage to lose the dongle, you can purchase at $9, it is the cheapest Apple hardware you will ever get. We are sure that with time third-parties will come up with a solution, but it is going to be pretty hard to beat the $9 price.



One of our favorite feature in the latest Apple flagship is the camera, iPhone 7 comes with an amazingly outstanding camera. People have started to upgrade themselves to better camera because they have started to use a lot of it.

It is said that the explosion in mobile photography is the most revolutionary aspect of smartphone revolution. There is nothing better when it comes to iPhone camera, iPhone 7 has better camera than iPhone 6s, which we believe to be an excellent camera.

iPhone 7’s camera has f/1.8 lens, new 4-color True Tone flash, optical image stabilization and wider color capture. The phone has two sensors and lens, there is a big difference step forward. In addition to the f/1.8, the phone has an f/2.6 56mm telephoto lens.

Both cameras work together, by tapping at the bottom you switch to a 2x zoom. Also, it is possible to digitally zoom 1x lens to 2x, likewise, you can zoom 2x to 10x.



The phone comes with A10 Fusion chip processor, four cores-two low power cores and two high power cores and they tend to use less battery for everyday tasks. The phone comes with iOS 10, which is fast and efficient OS. The phone runs for about 10 runs of medium usage, under heavier usages the battery will last for less than 5-6 hours.



iPhone 7 is a terrific phone, its A10 fusion processor, high display screen, dual camera, and outstanding performance is the reason behind its success. The phone is available in black even, this further enhances its classy design. Due to iOS 10, and 2 GB RAM the phone is efficient.

We understand that iPhone 7 might be slightly out of budget, but not if you buy a used or refurbished iPhone 7. You will be amazed at the price difference, there might be several dealers out there, but Alpha smartphones are the best.

They have been in business for quite some time and they are known for outstanding smartphone deals especially iPhone 7, iPhone 7, Samsung S6 and much more. To learn more, visit their website Alpha Smartphones.

How to Use iPhone Siri to Translate Languages?


There are many advantages to use iPhone Siri application in your social life. If you want to translate a word then Siri is the best option for you. You just ask this amazing application to translate any word; it will show the answer in seconds that is what refurbished Apples iPhone takes advantage in its technology superiority.

After this it will translate this word in a loud voice. This is a best translator for anybody working a teacher, professional lawyer, belongs to a medical field, or belong to any business category, this will assists you when other translators are silent. It can translate the words in different languages. If you are going to a foreign tour then you must have Apple iPhone to use Siri.


Supported Languages by Siri:

Siri can translate from English to different languages which are below.

  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

In future, Apple will add many languages to the Siri. Currently, Siri cannot translate enough languages due to the encoding provided by the company. It could be added but as we know Apple doesn’t compromise on quality and still working on more languages to add to give flawless results.

There is one important point that you must know, IOS 11 is essential for Siri translator. An older iOS edition cannot support the Siri translator.


How Siri Translate any Language?

There are some instructions that are related to Siri translator. Hold down the Home button and ask something to Siri. It will translate the word that you have given. She remembers your last words that are why Siri translates the words into Different Languages very easy.


If you are using MacOS and iOS devices that are very good for Siri; so our last tip for any professional, you can ask Siri to translate the phrase into different languages.  It will translate any phrase of above mentioned language very easily moreover it responds very quickly.


Using iPhone Siri Translator without Talking:

If you want to use Siri translator without talking then there is the best technique for you. If you want to enable this iPhone amazing application; click Settings → General → Accessibility → Siri.

Sometimes you are busy in other activities like at a store and bank then this method will help you wherever you are, whatever you are doing. You only need to have an Apple iPhone 7 with the latest iOS. It will show the translation on your screen but it would not read it in a loud voice until you click the play button.

If you have an Air pods, Ear pods or other headphones you can hear the translate words, phrases and right pronunciation without facing any problem as we have with the other translators in the market.


Bottom Line:

Siri translation is very important for every one and it is imperative feature for your personal pocket dictionary. There are many situations where we can use this for example; you are at French restaurant and you do not know the restaurant vocabulary then Siri is the best option for you.

One day you are planning to go to the nearest beer shop just ask to Siri to translate this query into German. If you are a teacher then Siri is very helpful for foreign languages, especially the right pronunciation of a phrase and a word.

Why Factory Unlocked Refurbished iPhone 7 is in Great Demand?


The demand of refurbished iPhones is day by day increasing in the market. People have become quite wise and want to save their precious money by giving preference to the second-hand phones.

Among these, iPhone lovers take the lead. Apple products are no doubt quite expensive. It is because of its top quality, stunning features, and impressive design. The majority of the people love to have an iPhone, but could not purchase it due to its price.

Hence, for them, the best way to relish iPhone is to buy refurbished iPhone. One of the latest models by Apple is iPhone 7. It is worth buying due to various dominant reasons. Some of these are given as.


Alternate Source:

The factory unlocked refurbished iPhone 7 is the alternate source of iPhone 7 comprising of best quality with the stunning specifications and features, at affordable rates that are friendly to your pocket.


Apple Certified with One Year Warranty:

Although it is refurbished the availability of one-year warranty is guaranteed. It ensures the mental satisfaction and let you enjoy the great performance of iPhone 7. The Apple certification indicates that the Apple device has been passed through a series of test.


Water and dust Resistant:

The factory unlocked refurbished iPhone 7 is brilliant in a way that the user does not need to worry about it when water falls on it. Even, it remains safe and works just perfect after being wet from the drops of rain. It is basically due to its amazing ability of water and splash resistance.


Performance and Battery Life:

The outstanding performance and long lasting battery life are what makes this refurbished iPhone 7 to be in extreme demand. It has an adorable color display. Its stereo speakers are wonderful too.


Camera Quality:

The introduction of iPhone 7 breaks all the records of quality. For the determination of best camera quality, the detailing of the picture and high resolution is considered to be the deciding factor. Refurbished iPhone 7 proudly provides;


  • 12 MP camera
  • FaceTime HD camera
  • Quad LED True Tone Flash
  • Optical image stabilization



The appearance is the main attractive factor. In terms of display, the factory unlocked refurbished iPhone 7 has won the hearts of millions. This colorful and brightest iPhone 7 has a wide color gamut, is 25% brighter and contains 3D Touch.


A10 Fusion Chip:

Refurbished iPhone 7 has the most powerful chip ever in the history of smartphones, which is none other than A10 Fusion chip. It is two times faster than the iPhone 6. Moreover, it also gets the credit for having the longest battery time than that of any other iPhone.


In the light of the above-mentioned qualities, the factory unlocked refurbished iPhone 7 enjoys the eminent place in the market and makes its demand to be skyrocketing.

iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 6 Processor – Read a Review


A Brief Overview of Latest iPhone Models Performance:

With the launch of new and shiny Apple iPhone 7 it seems like an obvious option to upgrade your phone. But before blindly getting into up gradation it is better to know about the new model. The most important thing to consider in a phone is its processor because the performance of your device based on this component. Due to this fact, this article is focused on the comparison between the processor of iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.


The Function of a Processor within a Smartphone:

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of processors possessed by both the models of iPhone, it is necessary to know its functions. A processor is considered as the brain of the smartphone. All the processes taking place in a smartphone are performed by the processor.

The performance of a processor is based on its ability of how many numbers of instructions it can execute in a unit amount of time. This is measured in terms of gigahertz (GHz). Therefore, if a phone has a processor with a higher number of GHz then it has a better processor compared to the phone which has a processor with a lower number of GHz.


Extra Cores Mean Better Performance:

Another component to keep in mind is core and the number of cores present in a mobile phone, because if there are more cores in a phone then it has a better performance when it comes to the multitasking.

A core is a part of the main processor and it is responsible for reading and the executing the instructions. In the beginning, there is only one core used in the devices, but today with the advent of the technology two cores are used in a smartphone. Soon there will be smartphones with four cores.


Comparison of Processors:

Now the groundwork has been laid, let’s talk about the processors of iPhone 7 and iPhone 6. iPhone 6 has A8 Dual Core CPU, Quad Core GPU, 1GB RAM and iPhone 7 has A10 Fusion Quad-Core CPU, Six Core GPU, 2GB RAM.

These facts speak for themselves; in the current market of smartphones iPhone 7 is the fastest model available. This is the highest benchmark set by this phone. It uses the fastest A10 chip with quad-core CPU which is able to provide processing speed forty percent faster than the A9 chip which was used in the models before iPhone 7.

Also with the addition of new controller, iPhone 7 is better at managing workloads which as a result enhances the efficiency of the device. This is not all, the new six-core GPU used in iPhone 7 has the ability to provide fifty percent better performance.

On the other hand, iPhone 6 has two models old A8 chip with dual-core CPU along with quad core GPU. No doubt Apple iPhone 6 is still capable of performing better than lots of smartphones but things have moved on quite a bit in the smartphone world and it is advisable to keep your device updated.


How to Troubleshoot your iPhone?


The multinational technology company ‘’Apple’’ proudly presents enormous gadgets in the market such as Mac – the personal computer, iPhone – the smartphone, iPod –the portable media player, iPad – the tablet computer, Apple TV – the digital media player, Apple Watch – the smartwatch etc. Among these, iPhone proved to have the most reputable and fantastic place both in the market and in the heart of quality phone lovers.

The working of refurbished Apple iPhone is highly admirable, but it needs to be troubleshoot when there comes any flaw in the performance of iPhone. The amazing troubleshoot that would allow you to fix your iPhone easily is given below.

Quit an App:

When you get into trouble by running an app, then the best way to troubleshoot is to quit the app. Get the multitasking view by double pressing the button of Home. Now, swipe sideways. In order to dismiss the app, swipe the thumbnail preview of app upwards. Return to Home Screen by pressing the Home button. In this way, you can easily get out of the app. If one wishes to open the app again, then pressing the app allows you to do so.

The Hard Set:

In order to hard reset the iPhone, one must need to follow this step:

  • Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake and Home button simultaneously till you view the appearance of Apple Logo on the screen of the

By doing this, none of your data on the iPhone would be erased. In addition to this, the settings on the iPhone remain safe. It merely allows to free up the memory used on the iPhone. Do the hard set when you find that iPhone is becoming slow in functioning or the apps are crashing quite often. Ultimately, speedy performance would be obtained.

Force Quit:

One can troubleshoot iPhone by selecting the force quit option. For this, press and hold the button of Sleep/Wake for few seconds till the appearance of power off slider option on the screen. Then, press and hold the button of Home for a few seconds. It will let you quit the app and you bounce back to the Home Screen.


Turning Off and On Again:

When your problem does not troubleshoot by using the force quit, then the way of fixing the iPhone is to turn it off and on again. All you need to do is to press and hold the button of Sleep/Wake again for few seconds till the power slider appears on the screen.

Now, it is the time to select the power off option by sliding across it. After this, wait for a few seconds. Now, press and hold this button again in order to your device on.

Troubleshooting your iPhone makes its operation smooth. Get your problems resolved regarding your precious Apple iPhone 6 by using the above troubleshooting tips and relish all the moments with the speedy and outstanding functioning of iPhone.

How to Save your iPhone Battery life?

Quick Tricks to Improve iPhone Battery Life:



The very first question that comes every person’s mind before buy Apple iPhone is to get to know about the battery life. What is the capacity of the battery to sustain the technology of a smartphone?  Mostly, people prefer the camera, processor, display size, RAM, camera pixels, and color density, but they forget to visualize battery timing and size.  It is the battery that supports every latest technology, stunning display, support super-fast processor to perform the multi-task at the same time.

Here you will read about the tips and tricks to save your iPhone battery life to sustain it for more hours to perform more activities. It is important to know these tricks because sometimes you may need to prolong your battery without a charger. Hope, these tricks will help you a lot.


The Most Important Factor to Save your Battery Consumption:

Only keep the important applications- A smartphone is just like a computer where speed matters on the capacity of processor and the most important how many commands you have given to the system to run, if you are running much application on a single time, that means you are putting an extra pressure to your RAM and processor to operate give task and sometimes, without any necessary task, we keep open applications that consume battery secretly.  So quit your extra applications now and minimize the burden over your smartphone.


Adjust your Screen Brightness:

It is the second most important trick to save your smartphone battery. Adjust the brightness of your Apple iPhone to the fair level. Only increase it when you are capturing your life moment, recording a video, or taking a selfie. There are two points that directly affect your battery life that is the size of your screen and the brightness.

More power is required to glow huge screen. There is also an issue with the mobile companies that they focus on every aspect of the phone but forget to maximize the battery, when you are installing everything quite better for good performance than a good battery is also required to support the hardware.


Set your Phone to Auto-lock System:

Reduce the time of your screen sleeping time. It is one of the basic tasks to save your iPhone’s battery life. Set it to the minimum time or at least your required time. You can adjust it when you are doing a constant activity using your smartphone. The second step is to set your mobile to auto lock system. It will improve visible battery timing.


Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

Most of the time we keep on our Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without any usage, that will continue to reduce your battery. So keep it in mind that only use these functions when you are using them, otherwise keep them off to save your battery life.


Switch off your Hot-Spot:

A Hotspot can be called an enemy of the battery; it reduces your smartphone battery fast. Try to use it when it is necessary, otherwise turn it off. You can observe the consumption of power when you are using the internet with Hot SPOT sharing. I may benefit your friend or colleague, but indirectly it is reducing your battery timing.


Do not set your Phone on Vibration:

The vibrator is another major enemy of your iPhone battery. Whenever you buy a refurbished iPhone or a new one; make it sure that you have set your ringer on ringtone rather on the vibrator. People use their vibrators for the messages, alarms etc but they forget that a vibrator consumes enough battery power too.

Here are the few tricks to control your battery more efficiently

  • Disable dynamic backgrounds
  • Turn off Background App Refresh
  • Switch off location services
  • Turn Siri Off


If you still observe that your iPhone battery is not improving, it means there may be a manufacturing defect or it needs repairing. In such case consult trusted iPhone repairing shop to enjoy long battery life.