Samsung Galaxy S6 Offers a Lustrous Design and Reckless Processor – Review


Samsung Galaxy S6 is an android smartphone released by Samsung, on April 10, 2015. There were a number of changes made from its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy s5. This version retained a number of similarities to previous versions, but updated the plastic frame with metal frame and a glass backing resulting in a better design outlook, and a more compact feel from similar smartphones.

These changes resulted in necessary changes to the battery and no longer offering the option to expand memory with this version. For consumers looking for a more stylish phone, the Galaxy S6 offers a sleek design with different colour options to meet your preferences.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy S6:

 Galaxy S6 offers several improved features including:

  • 16 MP rear-facing camera
  • Superb high definition viewing screen
  • Wireless and faster battery charging than previous Samsung smartphones
  • Power saving mode extends battery life
  • Galaxy S6 has a higher quality look and feel than previous versions

Cons of Samsung Galaxy S6:

There have been some concerns about Samsung Galaxy S6 noticed by users including:\

  • The battery life is not as good as its predecessor
  • A number of issues with App crashing have been reported
  • Inability to expand memory
  • Speaker placement has been relocated to the base of the phone instead of the back

Why Samsung Galaxy S6?

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S6 excels in offering consumers a sleek design, a high definition viewing screen with excellent visibility from multiple angles, and continues to offer one of the best rear-facing cameras available on an android smartphone.

The Samsung 6S is slim and lightweight compared to other smartphones on the market, and offers one of the fastest processors to date on any Samsung device, making it one of the front runners for android smartphone users.


Observing for Grade “A” Promising Android Email Apps?

Observing for the Grade “A” Promising Android Email App?

Email is the most popular way of communicating being used by innumerable Android Smartphone users in thousands of ways and you have to have an Android Email App. While talking about Android email apps there are over 20 apps showing the number of options present for Android. The top 5 Android Email Apps selected on the basis of votes are:

  1. Gmail:

Gmail app as an Android Email app was the most popular choice at the time of voting as it is the best invention of Google. Gmail app works best whether you are receiving just a single email or hundreds of emails a day. The biggest merit is that Gmail comes already installed on Android devices working so efficiently that one just does not need to look back. So there is no need to install any other app in its place.

  1. Inbox by Gmail:

The popularity of Gmail has resulted in the development of a new email service by Google ‘Inbox by Gmail’. Emails are treated differently where this new app arranges your emails in such a way as to notify you of the important ones. Inbox is an excellent Android Email app with a hands-off outlook appreciated by several users.

  1. Cloud Magic Email:

Cloud Magic is another great app for literally any email service, be it Yahoo Mail, Gmail, iCloud or Outlook. Its ability to integrate with several approved services like Evernote, Todoist, Wanderlust, Trello, OneNote and many more have made it very popular as an Android Email app. It has a simple and clean UI with a pronounced Android Wear support.

  1. Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook was never considered an exceptional Android Email app but after the acquisition of an email app ‘Acompli’ it has been accepted, thus resulting in the release of a new and innovated Outlook.

Its remarkable design along with certain swipe gestures can help you manage your emails with special algorithms thus showing your important emails at a glance or bringing those emails to the top. Outlook successfully integrates with your cloud storage accounts too.

  1. K-9 Mail:

K-9 Mail is still reigning in popularity with its open source email app with certain features like multi folder sync, filing, flagging, IMAP push email, PGP and mail on SD card. K-9 mail was quite inconspicuous as an app being around for quite some time, but it is still flourishing as a preferred Android Email app.

A good Android Email app should be fast along with having a great design that lets you load messages and refresh your inbox in seconds allowing you to deal effectively with your daily email overload. You should be able to access files or calendars, reply to emails, delete, and archive or schedule messages just with the click of a button.

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Apple iPhone: How the Star Was Born? First iPhone Prototype Festivity.

Apple iPhone: How the Star Was Born? First iPhone Prototype Festivity.

In 2017, the year of the jubilee, the First iPhone Prototype is almost forgotten ancestor of today’s famous iPhone Smartphones. It is the high time to remind us how this extraordinary piece of technology has come to light, not only to rule the smartphone market for over a decade but to be the challenging role model for the whole smartphone industry.


Two Designs of the First iPhone Prototype:


The first iPhone prototype was the result of a long and dedicated effort to design a multi-touch smartphone, running on a powerful operating system. Two teams of experts were engaged in the mission of making a high-end device which is either iPod or computer. In fact, first iPhone prototype has had some characteristics from the both of them.

Two designs have been made:

  • iPod based model with a click wheel on the lower part of the screen placed opposite the main menu that included basic functions: dial, messages, music, contacts, and recent.
  • Touch screen operating on system X was the second design, and it was chosen for further developing of the first iPhone prototype.


Revolutionary Features of the First iPhone Prototype:


The first decade anniversary is a good occasion to think, what exactly was revolutionary about the iPhone. Actually, these early days of the first iPhone prototype development have marked the whole history of the famous Apple product.

  1. Apple takes credits for introducing multi-touch displays to the mainstream, but App Store, established in 2008, transformed and improved the developing industry, from gaming to all kind of communication apps.
  2. User experience has been protected from spams and unwanted littering apps from the first iPhone prototype to the recent models. This feature is highly appreciated by iPhone users.
  3. Visual voicemail is also one feature which has enabled easier communication. Through Siri, voice-enabled AI has become the key part of the iPhone experience.

Along with the rise of the iPhone popularity among Apple Phones users, a number of highly skilled experts have found their place on the market to meet growing requirements of customers. Developed technology is offering many different options in accordance with user personal needs. The assistance of professionals comes as a logical answer to many questions on technology or a wide range of iPhone models.

Comparison Between Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Read the Spectacles.


With the launch date so near, the internet is overflowing with leaked images and specs of both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. You will be surprised to learn that the phones have amazing features, these features are bound to leave you in awe. It seems the both phones are coming with redesigned earpiece that is expected to get bundled with the device.

Thanks to the leaks, we are able to find information regarding the color variants as well as how the phone’s back look like. According to the images, we now know that the device will launch in two colors, first is Black Sky Color and second is Orchid Grey. However, we are hoping that the phone will be coming in more than these two colors. I would love to have a black Samsung S8.

Furthermore, we have seen the picture of the phone’s back so we now know that the rumors regarding the camera situated at the center are true along with the fingerprint scanner at next to the camera. Instead of the button, which has been Samsung’s style for some time, Samsung’s logo is going to be placed at the center of the phone.

Also, the front’s part has taken most by the dual edge display.  We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its infinity screen was one of the biggest speculations. It seems that this is another rumor which is true, the phone does not have a home screen button. So, now you will be enjoying a full-screen phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are to be launched by the end of this month. But for now, people who are interested in buying predecessors of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone series can always check out at the  Alpha Smartphone.

Resilient Smartphone Display to be Introduced by the end of 2017.

Samsung to Showcase Their Foldable Smartphone at MWC.

Mobile manufacturers have been working really hard to come up with technology that would make a smartphone’s screen susceptible to damage. Regardless, how hard they try, there is always something missing and the phone is always at the risk of screen damage.

It is the biggest nightmare of Android Smartphone or IOS users to have their phone’s screen broken, they would hate every moment of using the phone. In a worst case, they might have to get their phone repaired or replaced altogether. Everyone wish for an unbreakable Smartphone screen.

It seems that 2017 is going to be an amazing year for smartphones, first, we heard the news that Samsung is to showcase their foldable smartphone at MWC at the end of this year and now we are expected to see diamond used screens also at the end of this year. A company claims that using diamond glass in the screen can reduce the overheating issue.

CEO of Akhan Semiconductor, Adam said in an interview that the screens that are made up of diamond glass tend to be cleaner, harder and stronger. He also said that the company is currently talking to multiple smartphones vendors, but the company plans to choose just one vendor at the moment. Not only this, Mr. Khan also added that their company plans to work with a wearable company as well.

There are two main reasons behind choosing one vendor, first is the lack of supply and second, they want the selective vendor to have something exclusive to boast about. Akhan Semiconductor is planning to produce diamond glass for almost 30 million handsets and below a million screens for wearable products.

Khan also says that besides making the screen almost unbreakable, the diamond glass screen will ensure that the device does not get overheated. It will keep the temperature of the device under control.

These unbreakable screens are yet to come, but for now, you can buy any smartphone that you like at a very reasonable price with one year warranty from Alpha Smartphones.

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Rumors About iPhone 8, Spectacles and Features.


It seems that the leaks regarding iPhone are picking up the pace. According to the latest leaks, the iPhone 8 Smartphone might be called something other than iPhone 8.  Rumors are that Apple will be calling this new iPhone, iPhone edition.

Also, a patent was published on the United States Patent and Trademark Office that confirmed the speculation that the new iPhone will be having facial recognition along with a 3D imaging.

Both these features are going to be really cool, just imagine you can take 3D selfies on your phone. Apple has also decided to shrink back the size of the screen, this I believe to be a wrong decision as I really love big screens.

Nonetheless, people who are in favor of small screens, they would love the new iPhone. The phone is going to have a 5-inch screen with a support for wireless charging and sport dual cameras. The dual camera has been among the top trends of this year, to learn about more trends more check out the article Smartphone Trends of 2017.

The phone is going to ditch the bodies of glass along with home button and there is going to be an integration of AMOLED, however, all these things along with a couple of others are being prototypes simultaneously. All these features are still under experiment and Apple will finalize them after a thorough investigation.

According to our sources, iPhone Edition is going to be launched alongside iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s, but the phone won’t be made available to the general public instantly. On the contrary, it would take some time before people like you and I can get their hands on this amazing piece of technology. Another patent was also published confirming the rumor that the phone is going to have 3D selfies and facial recognition system.

iPhone Edition or iPhone 8 has yet to come, but you can buy its predecessors from Alpha Smartphones at very reasonable prices.

Top 8 Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Gossips.

Top 8  Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Gossips


Samsung has always been a topnotch Smartphone manufacturer with continuous increasing customer base. This year Samsung intends to unleash the flagship model on March 29, 2017. Lets take a ride to all those commonly spread Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours. pertaining to:

  • Corners
  • Screen
  • Front facing camera
  • Home button
  • Processor
  • Ditching head jack similar to iPhone
  • Double Speakers
  • Retina detection


Since round corners are more stable so news are coming that Galaxy S8 is most likely to have round corners unlike old Galaxy versions.


A mixed bag of curved and flat screen S8 rumours are really common. Korea Herald and Sam Mobile have contrary claims in this regard. 

Front facing camera:

According to news Galaxy S8 would be seasoned with auto-focus feature of Galaxy S7. This striking feature will possibly stand out Galaxy S8 among other smartphones.

Home button:

Rather than a mechanical button Galaxy S8 is expected to have embedded home button beneath the glass panel.


Galaxy S8 rumours are prevailing regarding strength of processors. It is hoped that US market will be benefited with Snapdragon 830 while other international user will be using Exynos chip manufactured by Samsung.

Presence of head jack:

Whether Galaxy S8 will be with or without head jack? This Galaxy S8 rumour will only be busted on unboxing day. One group of sources says it would be without jack like Motorola Moto Z phone and iPhone 7 to encourage wireless use. The other group talks contrary to it.


Acquisition of Herman (high-profile audio company) in late 2015 is forcing masses to believe Galaxy S8 rumours about double speakers. Placement of each speaker is still unclear.

Retina detection:

According to sources Galaxy S8 will be similarly equipped with eye scanner like Note 7 reducing the unlocking time to .01 seconds. this will give additional layer of security to confidential data and certain folders.

Alpha Smartphones continuously update its prestigious readers with latest happening in smartphones world. For more news, views and stories about Galaxy S8 rumours stay tuned with Alpha Smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Standing Strong – Review


In the sea of smartphones that are available today, Samsung Galaxy S3 definitely stands out. Despite not being the most current version of Samsung Galaxy, this phone continues to be a popular choice among Samsung fans, and smartphone users in general. Its natural design, optimal size and improved features make Samsung Galaxy S3 still worth a consideration.

Samsung proved once again that well-made phone can remain an attractive option for a long period of time. After Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3 became even more desirable to consumers due to the large drop in price.

It is clear that Samsung experts spent a lot of recourses trying to find the optimal design for this phone. The end result is great. Samsung Galaxy S3 sits very well in hand and nicely follows the shape of the palm. This phone features traditional Samsung home button, lock button that sits on the side, and possibility to upgrade storage with microSD card. With all this taken into consideration, Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with decent flexibility that can accommodate variety of customers.


  • Convenient price
  • Excellent touchscreen performance
  • Removable battery


  • Outdated features
  • Relatively low battery life
  • Poor camera resolution

For Samsung fans who are on a budget, looking for a decent quality phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone is possibly the smartest choice. It seems that this phone is not aging and it is maintaining its popularity among Samsung users.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or concerns regarding this product. We are more than happy to assist you!

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